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Upgrade to Your Lumos Email Service

The upgrade to your Lumos email service is complete, giving you more performance and capabilities – at no charge! At end of this message, you can see a quick snapshot of the enhanced email inbox, and you can learn more about upgrade by reading the email service highlights.

Your Action > To access your improved email service, please follow the post-upgrade steps below and then contact us with any questions by emailing or calling 1-800-320-6144.

What is the upgrade timeline?

The upgrade is currently planned for February 20, 2014 and we will notify you if the date changes.

What are the post-upgrade action steps?

Please take the following steps to ensure a smooth, successful upgrade of your email service.


  • Full Email Address for Webmail Login
    Once the upgrade is complete, you will always need to use your full email address ( to login to webmail.
  • Email Client Authentication
    If you use an email client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, to access your Lumos email, you will need authenticate it with the Lumos email server using the steps below. Without authenticating, you will always have to check your email before sending any messages; an alert will appear reminding you to do this.

    If you do not use Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., to access your Lumos email, the authentication steps do not apply.

  • Authenticating Outlook Email Client with Lumos Email Server
    To authenticate your Outlook email client with your upgraded Lumos email service:
    - Find the email settings screen for your Outlook client.
    - Check the box, "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."
    - Select the radio button for "Use same settings as my incoming mail server."

  • Authenticating Thunderbird Email Client with Lumos Email Server
    To authenticate your Thunderbird email client with your upgraded Lumos email service:
    - Find the mail account set-up screen and populate the fields as shown below.

  • Authenticating Other Email Clients with Lumos Email Server
    For help authenticating other email clients with the Lumos email server, contact Lumos Customer Care by emailing or calling 1-800-320-6144.

What are the upgrade benefits for Lumos email users?

The upgrade gives you many enhancements including increased email reliability, up to 10 x more mailbox storage, and a new webmail client featuring faster message loading, optimized usability, better security and spam filters, new calendar options, and enhanced search. To learn more, read the upgrade highlights!

Who can I contact with questions?

Please email us at or call 1-800-320-6144.