RDVR Instructions

Access to Remote DVR requires a username and password. You may have your current Lumos.net email passwords enabled for RDVR login or you may setup a separate username and password. Contact Lumos Networks Video Customer Care at 1-800-320-6144 to enable your preferred username and password.

Once your username and password is enabled for RDVR, go to Lumos.net at www.lumos.net and under Lumos Networks Services select Remote DVR Scheduler.

  • For the ultimate experience using Remote DVR Schedule, please click on Get Microsoft® Silverlight to download the free Silverlight software for enhanced features including  "search by program" and "favorite channels".
  • Please review the login instructions and how to select your DVR if you have more than one.
  • Enter your username and password per the login instructions.
  • If you downloaded Silverlight, check the Use Silverlight then click Apply. Please wait momentarily while Silverlight loads. Your computer will remember this setting on return visits.

  • For program details and to record a program, click on a program in the Guide.
  • In the program window, select to record the one episode or the entire series.
  • Click the down arrow in the Stop: button to record the program within the times on the Guide or you can select 15 minutes after, 30 minutes after, up to 3 hours after the program start time.
  • Click the down arrow in the Keep until: button to keep until more Space is needed or Until I delete.
  • Click Record to set the DVR to record the program or click Close to close the window.

  • The Search screen helps you find a program quickly when you do not know which channel or time it will air.
  • Simply enter the name or partial name of the program you wish to locate and click GO.
  • All programs matching your search will be listed with the channel, date and time the program will air.
  • When the program you want is shown in the list, you can double click on the program name and set your DVR through the record popup screen.

  • After searching and selecting a program you may set your DVR to record the program.

  • Programs selected for future recording will be listed in Scheduled Recordings.
  • To cancel one or more recordings on the list, click the box to the left of the program title then click the Cancel Selected Recordings.

  • Click the Completed Recordings button to see a complete list of programs already the recorded.
  • Click the program title to begin playing.
  • To cancel one or more recordings on the list, click the box to the left of one or more program titles and then click the Delete Selected Recordings.

  • On the Settings screen, you can select channels as your Favorites Channels by moving channels from the Available Channels list to your Favorite Channels list.
  • Selecting Favorite Channels allows you to customize the Guide screen to flag your favorite channels in the Guide with the gold star or show only your favorites in the Guide.