Small Business Bundles

The Lumos Small Business Bundles bring our customers a business solution that fits their needs and is highly competitive versus other carriers. Providing customers with business continuity and a solution that delivers high speed data and state of the art voice.

What are the Small Business Bundles?

The Lumos Small Business Bundles bring our customers a business bundle that fits their data and voice needs at a competitive and affordable rate. These bundles will compete head-to-head with the bundles that national telecom providers are offering. The difference is these bundles are easily scalable to fit any business and deliver the high quality voice that customers can expect with VoIP phone service delivered off of Lumos’ Cloud platform and the fiber network that Lumos is known for.

You will benefit from:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Business Continuity
  • Increased Flexibility and Scalability
  • Toll Savings with the Lumos Extended Dialing Plan
  • Access to the Fastest Data in the Area

Who benefits from the Bundles?

These bundles are great for any business needing a solution for high speed data and voice. Here are some typical examples of how these bundles can help our customers.

  • Businesses looking to reduce their costs.
  • Businesses looking for more features and functionality.
  • Businesses looking for a larger calling area to reduce toll cost.
  • Businesses looking for high speed data and low cost VoIP functionality.

Business Class Symmetrical Broadband

With the increasing need for businesses to not only have more speed, but assurance of delivery on the upstream side of the bandwidth, Lumos is first to market with Symmetrical Internet Speeds for Business.

What is the Lumos Extended Dialing Plan that the bundle utilizes?

With the Small Business Bundle you automatically are put on the Lumos Extended Dialing Plan that expands over 6 states and 5,000 exchanges.

This plan allows you to call anywhere within the Lumos Voice footprint as a local call!

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Flexibility with Simultaneous Ring

One of the key features and functionality with the Small Business Bundles is the ability to simultaneously ring another number (mobile phone, home number, etc.) when you receive a call. This will make you more flexible and more efficient!

Lumos Networks Extreme Broadband

Fiber based technology is replacing traditional copper connections and allows Lumos Networks to deliver broadband access at speeds now up to 1 Gigabit. 10x faster than cable!

Why choose Lumos Small Business Bundles?

We provide you with an innovative, cost-effective and flexible data and voice solution. Powered by Lumos Cloud Network, we provide you with advanced voice feature capabilities to help ensure you’re always open for business.

Contact your local Sales Representative today to see how Lumos Networks can help move your business forward!