Residential Phone

With Lumos Networks Digital Phone service you get the reliability of a landline and a crystal clear connection so you never have to worry about a dropped call. Plus, with our unlimited long distance bundle you get the freedom to call anyone in the continental united states and 30 different calling features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and many more.

Home Phone Plans

Unlimited Voice Bundle with Unlimited LD - $50.99 / month

Basic Voice Bundle with per minute LD - $40.99 / month
8 cents per minute with monthly fee of only $2.99.
10 cents per minute with monthly fee of only $1.99.

Talk and surf the web at the same time!


Lumos Networks Voicemail Messaging provides flexibility at a starting price of only $4.95. Forget the hassles of having to check your phone for voicemail messaging. Now you can have your voicemail sent to your email, so you can listen to your messages when you’re not home. You can also listen and delete messages from any touch-tone phone, decrease or increase the volume or speed of messages you are reviewing, replay the last 10 seconds of the call for important callback information, send messages for delivery at a time or date in the future, retrieve inadvertently deleted messages before you hang up, and many more features.

Long Distance

There has never been a better time to choose Lumos Networks for your long distance service! We offer competitive rates and easy-to-understand domestic plans. For international rates visit our Support page.

Call 611 (from your landline phone) or 1.800.320.6144 to sign up for the current plan that best meets your needs.

Calling Features

Never miss a call when you have the Call Waiting feature. Know who's calling before you answer the phone with our popular Caller ID service. Teenagers in the house? Enhanced Ringing will let you know who the call is for by the sound of the ring.

With our Unlimited Residential Bundle, you have your choice of unlimited calling features. Call 611 (from your landline phone) or 1-800-320-6144 to sign up for these calling features or the bundle that is available in your area.