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Lumos Networks has been selected by Avaya, Inc. as a DevConnect Technology Partner. The Avaya DevConnect program certifies SIP Trunking for reliability and promotes solutions that are compatible with standards-based Avaya equipment. SIP Trunking from Lumos Networks is ideal for businesses that have acquired or looking to purchase IP-equipped PBX and key systems. Unlike traditional channelized trunking, SIP Trunking allows for dynamic allocation between Internet access, Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity and voice. Through DevConnect Compliance Testing, Lumos Networks SIP Trunking has earned "Avaya Compliant" status with Avaya's IP Office.

Lumos Networks provides a technically advanced SIP Trunking product that allows customers to use their connectivity efficiently by sharing the same circuit for voice, Internet and Wide Area Networking. Lumos Networks SIP Trunking also provides business continuity features that allow automatic re-routing of calls in the case of dangerous weather or other threatening emergency.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Cost effective using the same transport for calls and burstable dedicated bandwidth with delivery over T-1s or Metro Ethernet
  • Easy to manage, connecting via broadband connection to your LAN and IP PBX/Key system
  • Provides multiple DID numbers over a fewer number of SIP Trunks, allowing multiple voice sessions on a broadband pipe using an IP-enabled PBX or key system
  • Unique expanded local calling over the entire Lumos Networks footprint reducing toll costs
  • Easy scalability for future growth - the number of trunks you add is determined by the available bandwidth of your connection.
  • Burstable dedicated Internet – as call flow changes, bandwidth is dynamically allocated between voice calls and Internet to maximize available Internet bandwidth on the shared transport circuit.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) gives voice traffic priority over data/Internet ensuring call quality
  • Free caller id and call waiting

Lumos Networks currently supports the following IP PBX devices.  If your IP PBX system is not listed below, contact us to arrange for a free 30 day trial to check for compatibility and certification.

Certified IP PBX Devices

  • Adtran 7100
  • Asterisk
  • Avaya IP Office
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call manager)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Call manager Express)
  • Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business (UC-500)
  • Cisco UC-500
  • NEC SV8100
  • Sipxecs
  • Toshiba Strata

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